A*POS - Anywhere POS on iPad

APOS is a portable and mobile POS systems that can be used ‘Anywhere’ for any simple type of business.  It can be setup by anyone without any IT knowledged.  Just literially ‘Plug & Used’ only.

Best of all, it is made affortable to support Retailers who are cost conscious as it cost less than a package of Chicken Rice a day to use the P.O.S. systems

To find out more, please call 6337-6988 and arrange for a demo.  You get a further discount on the solution because we have remove the ‘Middle Man’.

Order Point iPad POS for Restaurants

Order Point POS, an iPad P.O.S. Systems, designed for restaurants to operate effective and efficiency.

Restaurant owners and operation manager should consider this systems it helps to increase the productivity of the operations.   At the same time, it also reduces the operation cost, thus helping the restaurant remain competitive in the F&B industry.

Best of all, we design this package to help Restaurant owner to remain competitive in the F&B industry.

Call 6337-6988 to arrange for a demo and see for yourself, how this software can improve your lives.

Event Ticket Verification System - Rental

Entrance Ticket Verification Systems.  (Gate Ticket Verification Systems)

If you are running an event and you need a reliable ticket verification systems, look no further.  We have a highly mobile ticket verification systems that can clear a thousand people in an hour.  Our equipment is small and compact and can scan electronic QR code on any mobile phone.  The equipment are on short term rental.  Talk to us, see the demo and secure the best deal in town